We would like to thank Dr. Katherine Covell Dept. of Psychology and Dr. R. Brian Howe Dept. of Political Science, CBUDirector, Children’s Rights Centre for their dedicated efforts and presentations on Child Rights. Their agenda is based on The Hampshire County, UK school model. Their research clearly demonstrates the benefits & positive outcomes in teaching Rights, Rights-based teaching and the 3 Rs' Rights Respecting Responsibilities model.

This teaching model is pioneered Cape Horn School in BC. This presentation intends to inspire education and awareness of Child Rights in community, school and Government levels. Currently UNICEF Canada, provides UN CRC Child Rights facilitator training, limited to Universities and Schools upon direct request.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UN CRC 21 years old 2010!
The United Nations Treaty Convention on Rights of the Child, turns 20 on Nov 20th, 2009
A child taught their 'Rights' learns to respect the 'Rights' of others
and becomes a more effective family and community member.
Sponsored in part by EMA. We thank Walmart for the children's Celebration cake.

The Children’s Rights workshops went very well. Dr. Covell and Dr. Howe, came a long distance to facilitate 2 workshops. The children of The Langley Boys and Girls Club and YWCA, responded enthusiastically to Dr Covell's interactive introduction and eagerly jumped into their CBU Child Rights colouring books. Our Arts Mascots 'Dog on It', Shugar and Bacci, engaged and delighted.

The other attended by an interested group of educators and community workers engaged in child and youth development, learning, arts and media environments. "It is apparent that training and learning initiatives in the greater community, at all levels of learning and educational exchange requires independent broad-based support for meaningful development.
Inquiries, interest, resources and support are invited"

The events were presented hosted by The Canadian Red Cross, BC Chapter and The BC Society for Children & Youth. Sponsored in part by EMA. We thank Walmart for the UN CRC Celebration cake gifted to the children.