EMA Sponsors Projects

* THE GAB TV.com Multi Cultural 'entrepenurial' Web Magazine
* CLAY PROJECTS and Clay Arts Silver (98% Solid Metals)
* SCHOLARSHIP: 'Journeys to the Edge' Afghani Journalist Scholarship Fundraising

* CANINE Assists, Visits, Training
Psychiatric Service Dog/Seniors/Pets, Residential Access (Enhancement Training) 
* Art Project Mascots
* Emerging Artists Exhibitions 
* 'Performance' YOUTH Attendance: Le Cirque Du Soleil
Arts'n Learning Projects:
* Community Clay Arts Projects: Archival History of local areas 
* Youth After School, Pro D projects
Community Refurbishing


Walmart Super Center (We love the bakery and Deli!!)
The Dance Shop, Vancouver for being so generous with ballet outfits .. oh the kids look so great!)
Terra Breads
Buy Low for Gift Card (we wish better protection in the parking lot)
Staples Gift Card for $50 in supplies
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EMA Sponsors activities with Clayzone Ceramics 
661 E15th ave. Van BC 604.568.1582
Neighbourhood Small Grants Projects, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver BC (gallery photos)
Historical Pictorial circa 1800's Clay Building tiles (source B&W archival images)
2010: Clay building model Vancouver city block (Main/Kingsway 1blk N Broadway) Circa 1800's
2011: Clay Tiles current St George Creek/Robson Park Edible Garden
2011: Nightingale School area map 'hand built tiles' of buildings 1900-2011 (archival images)
2012: Brewery Creek 1850's animals and nature (Design: Kim Soo Goodtrack WHICHAPAWI,
based on Bruce MacDonald original map)

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Brewery Creek 1850 Design Kim Soo Goodtrack 

(original map Bruce MacDonald)

* * *

Mistica Cubana 
Joe Urbay
Lixandro Cordero
Dreams tastes Sounds of Cuba
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